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Church Historical Calendar

10-Pack 2024 Calendars

10-Pack 2024 Calendars

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We like to call it the "grandkid" pack! A simple and thoughtful gift from a grandparent for their many grandkids.

The 10-pack is the perfect pack to have around for the holidays. From extended family to visiting and home teaching, to your favorite neighbors, it's a thoughtful gift that they'll be able to use all year round.  

The 2024 edition of the Church Historical Calendar features beautiful photos of temples from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint and other LDS centered artwork.

The Church Historical Calendar has been a wonderful and familiar tradition in homes and offices since 1954. It is a perfect gift for missionaries, ministering families and neighbors. 

Temple Photos: Gilbert Arizona (Kenneth H. Rose), Washington DC (Rory Wallwork), Sacramento California (Alan Fullmer),Salt Lake City Utah (Kenneth H. Rose),Richmond Virginia(Rory Wallwork), Saratoga Spring (Rory Wallwork), Moses Lake Washington (Cassidy Rose), Freiburg Germany (Cassidy Rose), Winnipeg Manitoba (Lisa Wickert) Bountiful Utah (Dustin Bitter)

Artwork: Portrait of Brigham Young by Ken Corbett, Gift and Power of God, Anthony Sweat

Each Day of the year has a historical fact from LDS church history, along with other uplifting and thoughtful quotes throughout the months. 

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