About us

The LDS Historical Calendar has been published since 1954. It is owned by Ford Thomas Rose & Co.  We sell to bookstores, for advertising purposes, and fund raisers. We hope you enjoy the images of the calendar, feel free to contact us with any questions or if you would life more information regarding the calendar.

The calendar was started by Ford, who was a well respected business man in Utah. He loved his family and his religion. He was able to combine his love of the LDS temples with his love for business and provide income to his family of 10 children.

Ford as a young boy, selling magazines Ford Thomas Rose during his career and family raising years

The calendar was originally sold with an area at the bottom of the calendar for a company to put their logo and pass out to their customers as a gift around the holidays. The calendar continues to provide this service to companies, has been sold retail, and now the internet has opened up a whole new world, allowing the calendar to be sold in individual quantities all over the world. The calendar has always stayed in the family. The relationships Ford made with local businesses still remain some of our biggest orders each year. 

If you are interested in ordering the calendar customized for your ward or to give as a gift, please contact us directly. If you just need one or two, visit our shop!